An internal social media team?

PR Communications picks up on a recent presentation by Christopher Barger on the internal social media team at GM. More and more companies seem to be realizing that there is a real need to develop this expertise in-house, which in turn is fostering a whole new profession.

An interesting problem that is hightlighted is the reticence of marketing to get involved, unless there will be associated direct conversions. I know that this is something that I come up against on a daily basis and seems like a problem that is not going away.

One possible way to look at this is in terms of the addition to brand value. The problem is that can be one of the hardest metrics to pin down, hence doesn’t work well when you’re demanding extra resource from the CEO. What can we do? Work to build better metrics. Systems that can provide a more complete picture of user behavior and so show the impact on the bottom line of increasing social media efforts.

Another solution is to look at increased search rankings, and what this means for the enterprise.

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