Wii, Second Life and the possibilities for internet design

It looks like we’re only at the beginning of seeing the uptake of Wii as an input device for gaming. As it’s a bluetooth device there’s numerous hacks that tie it up to a PC. Businesses are capitalizing on this and developing immersive training experiences. Perhaps that killer app is just around the corner?

Wii and Second Life

Taking the basics of how the Wii could be used in Second Life, MIT research fellows have been creating business models to cut the cost of training by using Second Life and Wii as an immersive learning center. For large corporations, this means not having to send trainees to expensive on-location courses. As a footnote, there is also the possibility to tape a Wii controller to a plastic steering wheel and use it to practice driving. Hook this up to Google Earth and you can drive Paris to Dakar without leaving your sofa.

Wii and finger tracking

Oddly, reversing the Wii and using it as a static infrared camera taped to the top of your TV means you can use the Wii controller to sense finger movements. Look out for the cameo of a pack of cards as a prop. This is what the new generation of mad professors look like:
[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/0awjPUkBXOU" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Where would this work best? I’m thinking for design and music software. As it is, visualizations for plugin VST sound effects already have the look down. They just lacked the input device.
OK, time to go watch the Minority Report to find out why all the comparisons are made (am I the only geek on the planet who hasn’t seen the film?)

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