It’s a new dawn

I started the day hearing some crystalline acoustic version of the Corgi’s “Everybody’s gotta learn sometimes” and lo and behold end the day with a brand new site.

It’s bizarre what you’ll find tinkering around on your hard drive. It’s true – the design had been completed a good two months back but I have no idea why it never quite got online. Still, here it is.

I was just about to scrub my Archives thinking they don’t add anything (from an SEO standpoint, the link-text is awful) when all of a sudden I came across this post, so they’ll stay.

And look what I’ve now got! Shameful really – the way I give the big G the lick-ass. But they do give me something back in return. If you are having to sit the Adwords Qualified Individual exam, then I’d recommend finding out what Smart Pricing is. I think they’re pushing it, given the number of questions on it. The other thing – not sure if it is deliberate but you can’t search the learning center. That’s one weird oversight. Unless they’re trying to stop you Googling your way through the exam. Hmm, almost so far-fetched to be true.

OK, sad and lonely sans wife hence the burst of activity. But still there comes a point…

BTW, I forgot to say, this is just the beginning. Expect more changes down this dirty road. Meebo’s got me excited. Natalie – come back!

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