Social media usage around Europe

Just in case you thought we all share common attributes when it comes to interacting with social networks, think again. According to Andrew Girdwood of BigMouthMedia, cheeses, chocolates and wine aren’t the only things that separate Europeans:

“In Sweden – there are not many bookmarking sites, but the Swedes are into blogging and youtube commenting. Yet next door in Norway blogging is less popular, but the Norwegians are into voting sites. The German market as one might assume is a sophisticated market and there are hundreds of social networking sites in Germany. Blogging is popular, but business blogging is rare, however news and community websites are most popular. In Italy, rather surprisingly, corporate blogging has become fashionable and there are a number of Italian online press release sites also emerging. And finally in Spain, Blogger is popular
with the Spanish and there are plenty of social network sites being used including Spanish language Digg style sites.

Andrew concluded Europe is fundamentally fragmented when it comes to social media and there are many different sites and tastes. A campaign in one country won’t necessarily cross over easily and work as you might expect in another.”
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