dj tutorials – ellaskins

ok, i had a million other things i was meant to be doing this friday, but hell – the rest of france ‘faire le pont’ (have taken an extended holiday after all soul’s day) so i can allow myself to get a little sidetracked.

back in the day i remember looking up websites that had wedged/notched diagrams showing you the basic structure of dance music and talking about getting records in tune. that was in the days before youtube. now we have ellaskins, an english guy named jonathan, fervently and eloquently taking us through all kinds of elements of dj’ing. from describing what is rare groove, through to showing how to mix with pitch controls and what’s visually my favourite, illustrating dance music structure with his son’s lego. enjoy:

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although he focusses on vinyl/cd djing these are excellent tutorials for new digital dj’s or those making the transition from the vinyl/cd world towards the possibilities of digital.

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