Advice on blogging from the Nonist

It seems kind of tautological to refer to this but maybe it will work as blog therapy. Better out than in and all that. After all, it’s quite possible that I’m a borderline blog depressive. The thoughts occasionally bear down on me that I should be blogging. Although its similar to the feelings I have about fixing the toilet roll holder or putting up a picture. All fine endeavors but the sun will continue to do it’s up-down thing regardless. This is exactly the point made by the Nonist Commission for Snide and Completely Unsolicited Public Services.

To quote from their self-help guide/manifesto:

"Take a break. Go ahead. the world won’t end just because you’ve stopped contributing to the vast info-detritus of the world. Have some donuts. Chill."

Check out the whole endearingly empathetic brochure

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