Posting remotely to WordPress using PHP

OK, I thought there would have been a whole lot of documenation on this, but I’ve been trying to crack this for a while (read: find something useful from somebody clever online).

I’ve tried a few implementations of PHP and XML-RPC myself, with probably the closest approach being using Keith Devens’ XML-RPC classes using this Sitepoint article. However, I wasn’t getting much back from WordPress.

All that changed when I finally stumbled on this wonderful code snippet courtesy of Sniptag. It uses the Blogger API and you just need to change the settings to those of your WordPress blog. Great for dumb/newbies like me.

So if you want to build simple PHP scripts to post remotely to WordPress, you should find your answer in these links.

BTW, if anyone knows how the code should look for the MetaWeblog API I’d be happy to know. I’m definitely no expert on PHP structures.

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