Tools for Mixing Music in Key

So, you’ve got your beat-matching all figured out but occasionally still throw the odd clanger when trying to blend a couple of tracks. Chances are you’re putting one key on another that just don’t go.

Unless you’ve got Stevie Wonder’s ears, you may have a few problems trying to figure out what key a particular track is in. Fear not, oh digital DJ because now there are tools that can help you on your way.

Mixed in Key
For a little over $50 this smart little app will scan mp3 and wav files and show you which songs are harmonically-compatible. They also provide an excellent how-to guide that talks you through the basics.

Camelot Sound
Slightly different approach here. This site maintains a database of tracks together with their harmonic key. Great for the more mainstream end of the spectrum.

More resources from the Whippinpost
Latest developments in this area and some links to further resources.

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