Is Google ranking less blogs?

This just came up as an issue in a meeting I just had – brought up by a developer who works in Web 2.0 community development. He had heard that due to the low quality of posts, Google was not ranking blogs so highly these days.

I had to say I haven’t heard anything along these lines. It did seem kind of strange given the nature of blogs – sites with regular, fresh content that link to each other. Also, how easy is it to say what is a blog these days, especially when so many news outlets are using this kind of format for their content.

Searching around I found this specific example from Common Craft (OK, that’s also where I found the videos I talked about earlier:

One of the key things here is that Common Craft have managed to get top rankings by carefully choosing the categories. It seems to have worked like a treat because they’re still coming up for terms they ranked for 4 years ago. Time for me to do some category restructuring…

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