PPC campaign optimization

So, one thing I’ve been grappling with here is how to keep on top of all the PPC campaigns we run. Even though we only really use Google and we don’t have a vast inventory, I’m still left looking at a whole bunch of stats trying to figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

Drifting slightly off their web analytics remit, the Clicktracks newsletter this month features some interesting advice for how to stay on top of PPC campaigns.Core to the recommended strategy is to spot which campaigns are performing well – and those that aren’t. Then tweak the ones that aren’t performing and reanalyze again. if they still don’t improve then they should probably be dropped.

I would go a step further and climb into what exactly it means to ‘tweak’ a campaign. I’d break it down into the following stages:

  1. Make sure that the keywords are in order
  2. Check the text ads – see what words are working well (ie. driving high clickthrough rate)
  3. Check the landing pages – are there more relevant ones available or can new ones be added. Also make sure that you are actively promoting your most valuable resources
  4. Reanalyze and see what affect your changes have had

When it comes to metrics, we’re B-to-B and so don’t sell on the site, so revenue is not applicable. What we consider as key metrics are average time on site, single-page visits and conversions for any marketing materials and demos we have.

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