The Google/Doubleclick deal converts

Schmidt at Web 2.0News out on Friday that Google has acquired Doubleclick for $3.2 billion. Probably pocket change for the big G but enough to make the other contenders round the table drop their cards. Why does Google value Doubleclick so highly?

This probably has as much to do with the value Google adds to the Doubleclick service, as opposed to the more usual counter theory. Let me give an example. We advertise on Google because we want visibility in search. We hardly use the content network because relevance in the B-to-B space is poor. We know that display ads and audio ads are available but haven’t really scratched the surface with these. There are other parts of our field marketing organization that run banners from time to time, primarily on Java forums and lately we’ve been trying to educate them on how we can measure the efficiency of these.

Google hooking up with Doubleclick essentially merges my work with that of field marketing. There are many advantages to this. A couple that come to mind immediately are more detailed stats (a la Google Adword reports) on their banner ad campaigns (possibly tracking right through to conversion using Google Analytics) and a single advertising console to learn. Think the Microsoft Office Suite for the advertising world.

Eric Schmidt talked to John Battelle about this recently at the Web 2.0 Expo. 

Other topics included the new presentation service to be added to Google Docs, mobile services, net neutrality and the issue of copyright in a collaborative content environment.

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