How to get into Google News

As news feeds become a more accepted way of accessing information on the net, services such as Google News have moved to the fore.

Google News in particular has become a popular trusted source of up-to-date information.

Where does Google get its information from?

Key sources are major online news sites (which include the online sites of major print newspapers) – with one caveat: the site needs to have its content readily accessible and not hidden behind a subscription wall. Interestingly, partly because of the success of the advertising model used for content by the likes of Google (ie. all content given for free to increase market share and distribution, costs recouped through on-page advertising) many online news sources are public. 

Can I get my news source into Google?

If you monitor Google News closely, you’ll notice that information can actually come from a multitude of sources. In one instance, I’ve seen the newsy blog of an SEM company listed in Google News. How is it done? 

The article ‘Getting into Google News Revisted‘ on the SEO Roundtable sums it up pretty well. Check it out if you see yourself as the next Murdoch (Rupert – not the guy from the A-Team).

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