PPC – Out of the Frying Pan?

With the specter of clickfraud showing no signs of abating over the coming months, the eloquent Jeffrey Rohrs has put together the sausage manifesto. Based on the principle that people who enjoy eating sausage should not watch it being made, the plucky Rohrs says that there’s a tendency for paid search marketers who like paid search to not put too much effort into seeing where clicks come from.

In short, the manifesto calls for the emphasis to be on the search engines to be more transparent about where ads come from, and shift the burden off the marketer.

As with all manifestos, it gets a bit whiney after a while, but the essential point is a good one – search engines can tell us more about where our clicks are coming from. And as click fraud becomes the big story around paid search, it seems to create a large degree of skepticism in non-search marketing execs.

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