generating that buzz

doesn’t matter the industry, anyone can do this, apparently. as buying links becomes more and more problematic (finding the damn things, search engines getting more canny to spotting them), the search marketing community seems to be moving towards the idea of link baiting – creating appealing content that creates links automatically. you create the content, give it a little push and watch the links flood in.

so goes the theory. dont’ believe it? read these great examples of link baiting. my personal fave is the mentos/diet coke phenomenon.

one thing though. these tactics aren’t exactly new. there was a time when the swords were drawn between white hat and black hat seo. these debates seem to have subsided. and if generating good content, content that your audience/community want is the new mantra, then it seems like the white hats are coming out on top. 

now where did i put that blog…

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