myspace beats google

it’s official – more people are now visiting myspace than google in the us (see figures).

are we seeing a shift in habits for internet usage? less searching for information and more sharing of interests. youtube apparently gets around 8 billion people a day watching its videos.

the demographics have to be partly at play. myspace generally appeals to a younger audience – just the kind of people who spend a lot of time online. these are also our future, and if they carry their current habits with them (and pique them as time goes on) then maybe the broad landscape of the internet is due another shift.

what started out as primarily a bunch of academics wanting to share ideas morphed into the heavy commercial platform we have today (do I say that because I’ve been marketing big corporations for too long?). are the sands shifting to a situation where the dominant force on the ‘net is the entertainment-driven social networks?

will the sleek grandiose facade of the corporate website have to give way to something more organic – more human? a collection of voices, some talking about the research their doing for future products, some talking about how people are using the stuff they sell and others talking about handy tips. oh, and the ability for the voices of those that use the products and services to have their say – what works, what doesn’t, what they would like. so what you are left with is a network of people (dare i say social network), the glue holding them together being the company’s products and services. btw, there are other voices in the wilderness.
mm, go myspace!

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