PPC On-going Management

The elements of a successful PPC campaign:

Ongoing campaign optimization also isn’t trivial for most PPC search marketers. There are several areas where both skills and technology can be vital to campaign success. Below, the skill areas needed regularly in a campaign:

  • Campaign analytics and report interpretation: You need this not only to look at reports but also to formulate responses to the data.
  • Advertising creative development: Both ads and landing pages must be regularly optimized, more so for seasonal businesses. SEM copywriting is a special skill, similar to headline writing.
  • Testing analyst: To truly know which creative and landing pages are working, one should have a testing analyst to conduct and recommend tests to improve conversion rate.
  • Project manager: Someone must keep track of all current initiatives.
  • API (define) specialist or technology integration specialist: If you’re building your own links into the engine APIs or simply integrating into a third-party reporting or Web analytics tool, you need someone who can execute specific tasks.
  • Bid strategist and manager: If you don’t use a highly sophisticated campaign management solution, someone must monitor either the bids or at least the bidding strategy settings in the tools you do use.

As reported by Kevin Lee.

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