gdrive, wherefore art thou?

i’m rapidly running out of space on this computer so having access to a web-based hard drive couldn’t come too soon. rumours have it that both microsoft and google (among others) are currently developing the idea. the moment gdrive arrives, i’m looking to dump all my weighty media files on it.

what would google know? google would then have access to my music preferences, and to a lesser extent, what kind of movies i watch.

what would it do with that info? i’m sure when i go to look at my files, there’d be some google ads waiting for me too. the thing is, given that my gdrive would house mainly my audio visual stuff, these ads would be more meaningful than the ones i get through gmail, or any that desktop search could proffer.

google could also offer me tools to help me deal with all this info. that great google search technology will power the way i look for files. how about strapping on a podcast service so that i can effectively create playlists based on searches? if i want to edit documents, how about the web-based office application google is developing with oracle?

all in all, the gdrive is just another reason why google will continue to dominate our lives and the way we live them. if it ever comes out, that is.

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