wordpress blog editor

still trying to find out the best way to post to blogs. at the moment the qumana desktop blog editor is coming out on top. top features of this blog editor:

– easy to install and got up and running with editing this blog in about 10 minutes flat.
– blog manager allows you to setup multiple blogs so able to post all through one desktop interface.
– can save blog posts locally so can have drafts until ready to send.
– upload image feature? haven’t really tried this out yet.
– easily post sections of websites (through wysiwyg editor)
– there is also a clever ad feature, although haven’t tried that yet

i did also try posting by email by setting up an email address i could send messages to periodically but blog posting by email didn’t seem to work out so well. mainly for these reasons:

– post formatting was difficult – ended up using text formatted emails, but the fixed line spacing was a pain
– posts only update every four hours or so
– not easy to go in and edit posts once the email is sent (need to login to interface)
– no image support

so, if you are looking for a way to post to wordpress, blogger or moveable type without logging into the interface every time, i would recommend qumana.

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