seo ppc multiplier effect

It is not necessarily worth making additional investment to be top PPC
listing (if you are already top of SEO listing)
a.. Striving to be top PPC listing across all terms when you are top for
SEO is not the most efficient use of budget.
b.. “There is definitely a multiplier effect for specific point of sale
terms but only valuable for specific terms.”
c.. “Not worth paying for both if you are top of the SEO rankings. You
may want to spend more on PPC for other keywords.”
d.. It depends on budget constraints.

It is important for businesses and agencies to look at “the Search Journey”.
a.. There needs to be an understanding of where the customer is starting
and finishing, and what factors are contributing to that journey.
b.. Target people when they are about to buy.
c.. Click-weighting is a way of attributing value of click according to
the part of the journey.
d.. “You need to manage ROI based on that journey.”
from e-consultancy roundtable

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