MSN: it’s all for charity, mate

at the risk of sounding like i’m getting on the microsoft whinge wagon, this story does smell of doo-gooder PR.

“Bill Gates made news this month when he said Microsoft’s MSN search engine might give away cash or software to get people to use the site.”

umm, a year after an ad-campaign across the us and europe that failed to cement any decent increase in market share, comes the announcement that the money msn gets from paid ads could go to charity. or at least some of it.

an act of selfless charity, or a cynical move by the number 3 in search to try and maintain a more sizeable market share? if it is the latter, many thought that the longhorn OS could embed search and help sew up this app. longhorn’s late and in the meantime google apps continue to proliferate making the big g more and more indispensible.