google in tie-up with aol

so, google used to have a deal where it supplied ads to aol. now it’s tied up the reciprocal. looks like google will own a share of aol (5%) and in return google will start displaying aol ads. so much for google concentrating on doing deals with the little man (say, through google adwords). it’s decided to jump into a bigger league.

For me though, this is the crux:

“Though Google is only seven years old, its lucrative search advertising business and its technical prowess could enable it to offer consumers free software and services that would directly attack Microsoft’s core software business.”

it’s getting to the point where almost all software is seen as media. software – in the old days thought of as a commodity. and as with any media model, there is the possibility for an additional revenue stream – advertising. so where the ms office suite costs almost as much as a pc, it’s thought likely that google will start offering a web-based office suite for free.

just an aside, but one of the things that has struck me on the technological side, is some wiki evangelisation that is going on here. the idea being that the web is a perfect platform for sharing information, and so should be utilised in large corporations. the idea being you move away from static documents (eg. Word) and create fluid web-based ones.

all in all, could well mean the end of the MS Office corporate dominance.

aside #2… funny how things go full circle. when the corporate world first embraced the web, the emphasis on presentation and design meant that the initial academic principles of creating a platform for sharing ideas were largely usurped.
now it’s the large-scale corp world that could push the web back in this direction. albeit with the addition of one facet – rather than publishing html documents, it’s more along the lines of opening a forum.

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