yahoo and social networks

does the world really need another social network? yahoo seems to think so with the lauch of yahoo 360.

sometimes get the feeling technology doesn’t really understand ‘social’. it’s like building a pub on the outskirts of town and calling it ‘the corporate social’ on the basis that putting the word ‘social’ in the title means people will come. the yahoo offering in particular looks more like the kind of brochures you would get from the bank.

i didn’t quite see the point of friendster, signed up for LinkedIn at the request of an associate and never used the service again, and last visited friends reunited about 2 years ago.

i do visit quite a few blogs and enjoy quirky sites such as globulos..

just not so into the whole gated community thing, and don’t think it has a strong future on the web. not as strong as those technologies that hide beneath the service – with people only vaguely knowing that they are there. isn’t that part of the beauty of the blog – an open technology that allows you to use it in whatever way you see fit (in this case more or less a collection of notes that i don’t trust my mind to hold).

btw, google has been remarkably quiet about its ‘orkut’ offering.

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