heatmap of google

interesting look at latest eyetracking data about google. can’t believe the symmetry of it – the golden triangle where most people look.

suggests that most are aware of sponsored listings and on the whole stay clear of them.

the drop-off after the first three results seems significant.

the symmetry stands out even stronger comparted to that of a news page.

one problem is that there is not much information available on the study – the size of the sample, how the scenario was introduced..

graphical representations of human behaviour don’t sit easy with everyone. esp the anti-marketing camp. maybe cause it goes against human uniqueness. i remember sitting around with media post grads when a marketing devil came and did a talk on how pinpointed tv advertising is. how if you’re sitting there at 2 in the morning you’re prob single living a tv dinner lifestyle. at the time i was.

obviously, if you do actually exist on the periphery then all this is of little benefit or relevance.

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