xenophilic spread

can translation be extended to the point where it becomes localisation? can pegs be added to an abacus to the point where it becomes a supercomputer? some things aren’t easily extendible.

seo is a form of marketing. and as such you have to understand the market your going into. the beginning of an seo campaign begins by looking into search terms. fine in english – implicit normative judgements are made on the chosen words and associated terms naturally spring out. unfortunately that refinement is more tricky in foreign campaigns. all you get are a list of meaningless words. a translator will pick the ones they recognise but do they have the familiarity with that language’s search patterns? not to the degree an online marketer would have. and that’s before you get to the intricate stage of fitting terms to pages.

for that reason translation will always be the younger poorer sibling to localisation. if you are looking abroad, make sure you know your market before you launch in.

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