SaaS, PaaS and IaaS explained

We just had a fun challenge around cloud computing in our department, which involved researching some useful documentation around the cloud. In that documentation was this neat description of the cloud together with explanation of the benefits: Software as a

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Does your brand have a social command center?

There’s a lot of social networks out there. There are a lot of folks both inside and outside your organization creating digital content. How do you track all of this so you can know what’s being said and be a

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MyMenu: IBM Pulse App Throwdown winner brings mobile, cloud and analytics to restaurants

Have you ever sat at a restaurant and wanted to make sure the creator of that sumptuous Tiramisu knows just how good it really is? Or find an easy way to give feedback on less-than-stellar service? MyMenu has the answer.

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Reshma Saujani from Girls Who Code on bridging the skills gap

One great thing about IBM events is that you get to meet some of the most influential and poignant thinkers of our time. That said, I was excited about the opportunity to talk to Reshma Saujani, CEO and Founder of

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Once again, the @Edelman Trust Barometer calls out Academics as key influencers

The Edelman Trust Barometer is an in-depth study of brand perception, reputation and trust that the Edelman digital agency publishes annually. It looks at many dimensions such as industry and geography with powerful insights into our relationship with businesses. One

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The rapid growth of social over search

google trends social media mkt search

Take a look at this graph pulled from Google Trends comparing the search terms ‘social media marketing’ and ‘search marketing’. Blue: social media marketing Red: search marketing I wonder if this keeps any folks at the mighty G up at

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SMBEB: Robert Scoble and Shel Israel on the Age of Context

Robert Scoble and Shel Israel

My smartphone knows from my email that I’m due to fly out of an airport 20 miles away later today. When I open up my phone, it will tell me that the flight is on time and that the there’s

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Nicole Lazzaro and Tony Ventrice discuss gamification at #SMBEB

At last week’s Social Media Breakfast, East Bay, Nicole Lazarro from XEO Design and Tony Ventrice from Badgeville took us through gamification: how game mechanics can be applied to business applications to provide a more immersive experience. So, what exactly

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